I am back !

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Subhanallah! Been so long I didn't write blog. Only Allah knows how much I miss writing blog so much. Actually, there is a reason why I wrote this today. Something triggered me to go back to blog. To write again. To pour all my feelings and thoughts here again.

'Apa benda lah meng-trigger-kan aku itu' It was actually because I need to create a website on Wix. Basically, macam blog lah. But, more advanced gituu.. Disebabkan 'advanced' aku pening dibuatnya. Mana taknya. I would admit myself that I'm quite bad with technology. Despite that, Wix is a really a good website to anyone of you if you want to create a website. A website for a blog, online shop, event and etc. You know what. Just explore it, okay.

Even though, Wix is reaaaallly good. My soul is still with Blogger. Haaa cenggituuu.. #sissangatsetia Long story short, I decided to be here again, sebab bila I create the website, tetiba muncul rindu nak ber-blogging. So, here I am! "Do you miss me?"

*waiting for answer*

*look around*

"Oh, it is just me. This whole time" *smile bitterly*

Well, I don't expect anyone to remember me since.. Wait, NO ONE remembers me 😭 No one even read my blog. *cries in alien language*

Sedihnya hidup sekeping Insyirah. Eh keping ke? Segumpal lebih sesuai mungkin.  eh kenapa makin merepek aku ini. Back to the title of the entry, I AM BACK ! But, please note that, that doens't mean I'm going to post frequently (one day inshaAllah) as I'm still studying. Especially I am taking Foundation in TESL right now. Obviously I need to focus on my studies MORE. So, I'll update whenever I'm free ya.

I think that is all. Thanks for reading. I do appreciate it.



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