Tried to be Generous but Allah Tested Me

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

I used to have this bad habit, which was being stingy. pls, don't hate me. This habit evolved within me since I was a kid. I don't know why and how. It was just there. One thing that I can assure you is that I have bad behavior because I was far from Him.
senang cerita, masih jahil lagi.

The thought of giving away money scared me because I'm scared of poverty hahaha ((i'm so dumb))
That is why learning is important. Learn and get to know our own religion is reaallly reaaallly important. Read Rasulullah SAW and his sahabah's stories. Understand and bear in mind. Try to do the same thing as them.

It was a mistake of me to think of that sharing what you have, will lessen your 'assets'. That is absolutely wrong. In fact, Allah will give us more and more.

The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. " (2:261)

Therefore, a few months ago, I wanted to erase this stingy habit of mine, by being sincerely sharing my food. It might be a small deed to you, but it was definitely a step of me to remove my stingy-ness.

That day, I had to work with a group of friends for my club's activity. We worked all day long. Subhanallah very tiring. Certainly, after working so hard, I was so hungry. I decided to buy spaghetti. It costs RM6. RM6 is quite expensive for a student like me and the spaghetti was not that much tho. But at that moment, that was the only food that I could buy. So, I bought it.

I went back to my group of friends. While I was walking towards them, my heart suddenly whispered to me. 'Maybe this is the time for you to share what you have for the sake of Allah with full of sincerity'. 
'Yup, this is the time'

"Nak rasa spaghetti?" I asked my friends. And of course, who would refuse free food. Each of them took a spoon of it. The spaghetti passed on and on to everyone. It disappeared little by little followed by thanks from them.

At last, the container of spaghetti came back to my hands. There was only about a spoonful left. ps: I didn't take a bite yet. I smiled. Trust me, I was so happy that I could share my food and throw away my stingy-ness. Alhamdulillah

I got up from them and wanted to sit somewhere else-better and proper place because I was literally 'mencangkung'. So I need a place to sit properly. However, life is not that easy. As I was trying to stand up, I accidentally slipped the spaghetti off my hands. Just like thaaat!

I screamed. They screamed. We all screamed. What a tragedy. I was speechless. Can you imagine, I was so hungry. I bought the spaghetti but I didn't even eat a string of it hahaha I am literally laughing right now. 

"Ya Allah insyi! Insyi sempat makan tak?" a best friend of mine asked. I smiled and said, "Sempat sempat" I lied because I had to. ((if you read this, I'm sorry)) I didn't mean to lie, I just don't want my friends to feel bad about it. Thankfully, they helped me to clean all the mess. Thank you :')

The magical thing from that event was that I didn't feel hungry even though I didn't get to eat or even taste the spaghetti. As I said, the reason why I bought the spaghetti was that I was so hungry. However, I didn't feel hungry after that. That moment, I realized, it is all from Allah.

Reflection :
I learnt that sometimes when you wanna do good, there will be challenge(s) to it. Maybe syaitan stops us from doing it. But, don't lose to syaitan. Keep on doing it, because Allah will give you more and more pahala inshaAllah. Allah will help us. He will always.

Another lesson is that we should expect that anything could happen. Allah will always test us. So be strong and don't stop believing in Him. In fact, EVERYTHING is from Him. From my story, I said at the end that I didn't feel hungry anymore, right? Yes, I realized that everything is from Him.

Hungry is from Him. Feeling full is also from Him. No matter how well you fed, if Allah gives you hungry, you will stay hungry. If you eat a tiny bit of bread, if Allah gives you the feeling of full with His blessings, that tiny bit of bread is enough for you.

Hence, believe that everything is from Him. Allah is sufficient for us. May Allah always bless and guide us with his Rahmat.



  1. saya pun cuba had mana yang boleh, berusahalah

  2. Hello :)

    One of the perks of being generous in today's world is some might take advantage on you. I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to this because I don't really like sharing things. But as you said, nothing in this world is totally ours. Everything belongs to Him and we are just the temporary holders.

    I learned and am still learning to give more to others. In whatever possible ways that I could. Tho sometimes I do feel a bit nervous and overly cautious, I decided that what's more important is our intention.

    May Allah bless you too, Insyirah!

    1. hello :D

      "being generous in today's world is some might take advantage on you" i couldnt agree more. that is definitely true.

      that's why it is important to stay wise. in Islam, the key is, moderation. moderate in everything. dont be too stingy and dont be too generous.

      i dont say it is bad being a veeerrryyy generous person but sometimes we need to prioritize ourselves too, you know. by the way, thank you for your opinion. May Allah always guide us

  3. good reminder. suka baca cerita camni :)
    semoga kita sentiasa jadi orang yg pemurah dab diredhai olehNYA

  4. Back then I also a stingy person too. But now it is a lot nicer if we share what we have with others

    1. yup. may Allah help you and me to remove the stingy-ness within us :)

  5. MasyaAllah a very well written article. Thank you for the good words, its inspire me in every way. ^^ may Allah blessed you with happiness and grant all your duas. I was then a stingy person to but I realize there is always goodness in giving something to someone without expecting anything in return. Keep up the good work insyirah!

    The Hundred Pages | Eyqa Zq

  6. Kadang-kadang dengan memberi kita dapat yang lebih baik. Niat yang baik-baik. ^^

  7. love this post a lot. this thing happens to me too sometimes

    1. thank you <3 may Allah reward you with His blessings because of your sabr amin :)

  8. i used to have this habit too. theres time where i felt bad seeing someone who needed help (food or money) but i didnt do a thing tho. one day, a cleaner asked my friend and i for rm5 because she said she didnt have breakfast yet. we're so confused and we only had bigger notes that time, but then idk how, i walked to the stall and bought something, and the small balance that i got was rm20. i wasnt hesitate at all and run quickly to the toilet, gave her rm20 with a smile. its weird but i felt happy :) i think thats why Allah always encourage us to share our things such as money and foods hahah. it makes us happy at the end of the day :)

    1. MashaAllah such an inspiring story *heart eyes* i hope i own a very nice and generous heart like yours too one day.

      your last sentence totally meaningful. thank you for sharing :) May Allah encourage us to do more kindness everyday

  9. Dear, I had been through the same thing and I was incredibly grateful for everything that Allah has given to me. You know you can pat yourself on the back for having the intention of doing good deeds. In fact, you successfully did it. There, the syaitan is defeated!

    A great entry + reminder Insyi, keep up the good deed :D

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  11. tak tau lah dari kecik Tqa suka memberi tapi silapnya, selalu mengharapkan something in return. I can't remember when that I finally realised that it was wrong of me to do something in hope to receive something back. Sekarang ni:
    - lepak dgn kawan makan baru dua tiga suap dah suruh member habiskan,
    - duit cukup2 makan tapi member takde duit "takpe, aku bayar.",
    - ada seringgit dua dalam poket, bagi pada siapa yang meminta,
    - kucing jalanan mintak makan, bagi apa yang ada, kalau takde, order yang lain untuk makhluk Allah yang comel tu.

    I learned that the more we give, the more we gained. Walau bukan on the spot, it will come in so many forms on its own time. Always be grateful. Thank you for this lovely and inspiring post.

    1. Allahu... Bagusnyaaa moga ramai lagi jadi macam awak (including me) inshaAllah amin

  12. once before when i was a kid,i use to be stingy...but after being taught about the advantages of giving or share towards other people,i realized that i need to share more!give more.
    .tangan yang memberi adalah lebih baik daripada tangan yang menerima.remember that :D

  13. Satu peringatan yang sangat baik. Kadang-kadang kita tak sedar apabila kita sedekah atau pun berkongsi rezeki dengan orang lain, banyak lagi rezeki yang akan kita dapat. Bila kita menjadi pemurah dan orang yang kita bantu mendoakan kita, rezeki itu akan datang melimpah ruah. Tapi kenalah jadi pemurah secara berpada-pada, jangan sampai orang lain ambil kesempatan.

  14. I selalu rasa malas nak join itu ini, contohnya malas nak pergi kursus, talk yang memang I kena pergi. Kekadang rasa macam 'kenapa aku yg kena pergi?' Tapi I percaya perasaan malas tu selalunya membawa kebaikan. Walaupun berat hati nak pergi, tapi bila dah pergi memang banyak input yg dapat.

    Perasaan malas tu kekadang syaitan yg buat sebab taknak bagi kita knowledge/experience baru.

    1. Ye sangaaaaat. Faham. Rasanya, semua ada rasa itu hhihihihi... Itsokaaay kita boleh!

  15. Isyi post ni sangat bagus saya suka. Cikgu saya selalu pesan kita beri 1 pada orang , Insya Allah , Allah beri kita 10. Dan benda ni memang betul . :)

  16. Percaya 1 benda, tgn yg memberi lebih dr yg menerima....;-)

  17. Post yg sgat bermakna.
    Nice sharing. Semoga ALLAH sentiasa murahkan rezeki Insyirah :)


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